Agile Leadership Practice-Chapters

This page lists in order all the blog posts related to Agile Leadership Practice so you can read them like chapters in a book. When I started this blog my plan was to write it in such a way that it could end up being read like a book that is being written at the same time as people are trying to read it. As well as satisfying my interests in other related topics. That does make it hard to know how to read the posts in an order that makes sense and is helpful.  So below is a recommended order in which to read the posts but that should never discourage you from reading them in any order that suits your fancy.

Please tell me if there are any missing topics that you would like me to add as I continue to build out the blog.


Welcome to the Agile Leadership Practice: This is where I introduce the concept of Agile Leadership Practice and share the fundamental principles.

Agile Leadership: Values & Pitfalls: To every great power, there is a dark side. Knowing the values and pitfalls of Agile Leadership will help you watch out for them and hopefully avoid them.

Defining your WHY

Start with Your WHY (Your Motivation): Digging into the importance of using your WHY (Your Motivation) as the driving force behind how you set up for success.

Start with WHY for Leaders: The key to successful leadership is to find ways to inspire people to follow a shared WHY. Having a clear vision that resonates with others is much more effective. That vision must then be effectively communicated and executed. The WHY must be authentic, consistent and always reflected in HOW you do WHAT you do.

Know their WHY (Motivation/Driver): Even the answer to a question or the invitation for an opinion needs a WHY. Knowing the WHY of an answer is the difference between reaching your goal and walking around a round room looking for the corner.

Defining your HOW

Defining your HOW (Your Values), Part 1Now that you know your WHY it is time to define your HOW (Your Values) so that you can make sure that everyone is pulling in the same direction for the same reason.

Defining your HOW (Your Values), Part 2: Continuing to define your HOW (Your Values) in a way that is honest and true to the shared motivation. So you draw the best talent and customers to you. 

WHO are your A-Players

WHO is one of your first HOW Questions: Define your WHO in the same way you define your WHAT and your HOW to find the right people (those A-Players) who can help realize your goals.

WHO is one of your first HOW Questions: Scorecard: Developing a Scorecard for a position in your organization is a great way to make sure you find the right person for the job and the organization.

Final Thoughts on The Who: Make sure you are putting the right person in the right job. Even the pest person will struggle if they are not interested in what they are doing or their job does not play to their strengths.


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